Pulling-e Propulsion™ creates the platform to gain all the electrical system benefits. The solution is the only one in the market to enable the efficiency improvement and the space releasing at the same time. The robust and simple design is outstanding outcome of our long experience. It enables easy maintenance and one hour change-over time.

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The ship building industry has been using the pulling propeller concept for decades. This has proven to be the most efficient propulsion type for variable operation profiles.

Pulling-e Propulsion™ is re-located and optimized shaft line. The propeller is in front of the unit and operates always in optimized conditions, under the vessels aft.

Pulling-e Propulsion™ improves the overall energy efficiency and the vessel design. Payback of the investment in professional use, is very short, especially when operating with hydrogen.

Pulling forward

Improving propulsion efficiency by 6-8%. Vessel can be improved a lot more.

Use of a pulling propeller allows its operation without disturbances in front of the propeller. The water field is optimal and therefore propeller works most efficiently. Learning from the ship building industry indicates that it is possible to improve the propulsion effiency at least 6-8 %. This naturally requires tight cooperation between propulsion designer and ship designer to place the propeller in optimum position and in optimum angle facing the un-disturbed water flow. Pulling-e Propulsion™ provides necessary tools and flexibility to match these requirements. Especially when energy comes from the fuell cell or the battery, every kilowatt counts.

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We have designed the unit to be simple and robust. Easy maintenance and easy installation are our focus areas. Change-over time for swapping the spare unit is one hour. All these are needed to reach the reliability at professional level. Our design principle is that the vessel operation interferences must be avoided by any means possible.

Manufacturing is made under surveillance of our experienced lead designers and every delivery is atmost important for us.

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Pulling-e Propulsion™ has been designed to be an easy and reliable tool matching the needs of ship building.

Installation doesn't require special effort or special tools. The unit may be swapped within one hours time. Usable for new building or for modernization projects. It is designed according to selected electrical motor, which will be located inside the pod unit in a dry space. Electrical system may be purchaced as a complete system. There are no technical bottlenecks which are caused by the propulsor. We will provide necessary guidance and support to select the electrical motor that serves the purpose best.

Pulling-e Propulsion™ is relocated and optimized shaft line with a stearing ability. It replaces the traditional shaft line and the rudder. Including Pulling-e Propulsion™ does not increase the vessel price drastically. As a matter of fact, energy savings are paying back investment and reduce operational expenses.

Pulling-e Propulsion™

Main benefits

  • Efficient propulsion concept - always consume only what you need
  • Adopts to selected electrical concept
  • Adopts to vessel concept
  • Designed for electrical concepts
  • Easy installation, fast change-over
  • Low weight yet very robust structure
  • Designed for professional heavy use
  • Secured operation (unit is secured by leakage monitoring and pressurization)
  • Steerable & powerful thrust
  • No docking requirement, maintenance at workshop
  • Short payback
  • Hull improvement potential made available
  • Stability improvement potential made available
  • Releases space inside the vessel
  • Allows utilization of the vessel aft space
  • Optimum location of the propeller
  • Silent operation
  • Options to alterate during the operation (interchangable propeller and motor modules)
  • Delivery with ship building conditions and clear responsibility borders
  • Design tools for vessel designers