Deecee Microgrid

Next generation of the vessel concept optimization

DeeCee Microgrid is a tailored approach to design the vessel's electrical concept in a way that enable maximizing all the benefits available. This requires a deep know-how of combining the ship-building, the operational use and the electrical engineering together.

The electrical system can be designed to disappear on to the ships structures.

More than 25 years in a front-runner positions, developing the electrical propulsion concept, has led us to understand, what is the right way to design the electrical system for the low voltage installations (1000Vac, 1500Vdc). Together with the ship builder, we are able to guide the final outcome to the level, which enable the vessel delivery to be at the level of Next Generation, ahead of the market.
Basic design idea is simple: make the electrical system components disappear from the general arrangement drawing. This is done by using existing, compact, marine class approved enclosures in a new innovative way or by tailoring the electrical enclosures to fit the ships structures.


Design criteria is supporting

  • minimized footprint
  • minimized weight
  • simplified use for the operator
  • use of any electrical power source in parallel with each others
  • seemless interface to optimized electrical propulsion system
  • use of the best products
  • co-operation with ship builder to minimize the investment