Pulling-e Propulsion

Pulling-e Propulsion™ is a simple and robust low voltage propulsion system, which is developed for the electrical concepts use. At its optimum cases, it provides major overall efficiency improvement, meaningful weight reduction and a lot of available space onboard. All these are mandatory elements for improving the zero-emission operation range. Simple design reduces risks and makes practical improvements to the concept. 

Pulling-e propulsion™ is at its best, when design can remain at 480/500V motor voltage level, but concept as such is scalable. Design sweet spot is on the power range of 100-300kW, but up to 1000kW is possible at this stage. Our main focus is on the shaft line design and on the concept development, so the bigger units are always tailored in co-operation with a yard.  

Pulling-e Propulsion™ is developed and configured for each defined operation purpose.  This is done in co-operation with a ship builder. Together, the hull design optimization focuses to locate the propeller in the optimum position, providing not only efficiency improvement from the un-disturbed propeller operation, but also seek for the minimum resistance and the operational practicality. 

Pulling-e Propulsion™ potential in numbers: 

  • Un-disturbed propeller action is learned to be 6-8% more efficient than in case of traditional pushing shaft line propeller. Together with the Centre-of-Gravity optimization, the propeller/hull combination can improve the efficiency up to 20% with a new hull design. 
  • Lightest version of Pulling-e Propulsion™ can provide the weight savings allowing zero-emission electrical concept overall weight to be competitive to direct mechanical concept (44m yacht concept). In comparison to traditional electrical system & electrical propulsion designs, the weight reduction allows 2.3 days more on the vessels range. 
  • In the 44m yacht concept, the space compensation from the mechanical propulsion is 52m². 

Weight optimized (resistance optimized) Pulling-e propulsion is fixed, and the rudder is hiding behind the unit. Thruster units strut is part of the vessel, and the pulling shaft line is medium speed, providing the medium electrical motor diameter, with direct Fixed pitch propeller (FPP) design. This propeller can be located very close to the side line and obviously at far end of the vessel. 


Workshop maintenance option and 360° thrust ability with Pulling-e propulsion™. With a relatively small compromises, the propulsion unit can be transferred into a steerable unit, which can in case of two units, provide thrust to every direction. Steering angle 35° - 0 - 90° makes this possible, without heavy steering gears or slip ring units. Freely directed thrust is needed function when high manoeuvrability is requested. Unit can be placed closer to the side line than azimuthal version and it does the same in more efficient manner.  

Once installed in the dedicated connection block, the unit can be disconnected and maintained in the workshop. Connection block may be designed to replace the outboard motor unit, in case vessel aft is needed for better use. 

Maintenance optimized Pulling-e propulsion. Designed for the work-horses, 80-250kW per unit. Shallow unit, with connection block and steering installation. Anybody can fix this unit and purchase spare parts from local marine suppliers.